Rossmore Heather

The high contrast slubs or light and dark contrast yarns, are part of the normal characteristics of the carpet and are not a manufacturing fault.


  • 7 sophisticated natural contemporary colourations
  • Increased thermal and acoustic comfort
  • Superior appearance retention when correctly maintained.
  • Rossmore Heather is made up of contrasting dyed wools that have been blended into a “Heather”.

Product Information

 Style Level Loop
Fibre Wool Carpet
Brand Tuft Master
Yarn  100% Wool
Guage 6.35 mm (¬º”)
Primary Backing 112 g/m2 (3.3oz/yd2) Heat stabilised woven polypropylene
Secondary Backing 203 g/m2 (5oz/yd2) woven jute
A.C.C.S Grade RHD1(S) 3*
Colors 7


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110 Fawn Beige, 110 Homespun, 120 Ivory, 150 Ghost Gum, 160 Marrakesh, 900 Rain Cloud, 980 Portal Grey