Authentic Oak
Laminate Flooring

Inspired by nature, the Authentic Oak Nature is rich in colour and complements both like and dark stylings. Achieve a classic look in your home with flooring that looks identical to natural oak wood.

The Clix Laminate range is an affordable option and stylish addition to any home that requires durable flooring. The high-density panels and quality melamine finish result in a stylish flooring solution, that is tough enough to withstand decades of wear. The materials also make the Clix Laminate easy to clean and maintain a hygienic household.


Product Information

Product Code CXF00524
Brand Clix
Colour Authentic Oak Nature (Neutral)
Finish Matt
Size 1261 x 192mm
Thickness 7mm
Planks per Pack 10
Pack Size 2.421m²
Pack Weight 15.747 kg
Bevel None
Treatment None
Wear Class (EN13329) 32
Domestic Warranty 15 Years
Commercial Warranty Available on request

Features Spotlight

  • European laminate
  • Family & pet friendly
  • Full accessory range